U.S. Representative

Dennis A. Ross

Proudly Serving Florida's 15th Congressional District

Health Care

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It has been four years since Obamacare became the law of the land, and despite his promises the president’s health care plan has not improved health care for all. Premiums for all Floridians could go up by 61 percent under Obamacare, yet we won’t see more choices in doctors, services, prescription drug coverage or anything else in return. What Obamacare has done is put us on a path of a single-payer, one-size fits all health care system. I have voted to repeal Obamacare and instead favor plans that offer Americans choices and that get the government out of the doctor-patient relationship.

As a small business owner for more than twenty years, I understand that we must allow the free market to create robust competition to bring down health care costs and increase choice and innovation. We can accomplish this by encouraging individual ownership, incentives for wellness, tort reform, and allowing for the sale of health insurance across state lines. I will continue to work with my fellow Members of Congress to present to the nation a more reasonable alternative to Obamacare.

Furthermore, seniors deserve the same choices under Medicare they grew accustomed to while receiving private insurance. Unfortunately however, if we allow Medicare and Medicaid to continue on the unsustainable path that it is on doctors will continue to drop patients, and the options of care will continue to diminish. I oppose altering Medicare and Medicaid benefits for anyone 55 or older, and if you’re retired I will never vote for a plan that changes your current benefits. But Congress must look at ways to give Medicare beneficiaries the flexibility to spend the benefits they have paid for and earned, doctors and providers are adequately compensated, and that Medicare is there for future generations that need it.

  • Repealing and replacing Obamacare with more choice-based, patient-centered solutions
  • Protecting benefits under Medicare for those 55-years-old and older
  • Giving people the option to purchase insurance from anywhere in the United States, not just their home state.
  • Real tort reform and a “loser pays” tort system
  • Expanding the use and contribution limits on Health Savings Accounts
  • Allowing states to provide tailored insurance policies not laden with mandated benefits
  • Vigorous prosecution of Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Expanding Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) to allow seniors to purchase more individualized insurance policies from private companies

I introduced H.R. 2688, the PATIENT Health Care Act of 2013 as an alternative to Obamacare. This plan encourages healthy competition among providers and manufacturers to help lower the cost of health insurance. It provides individuals with more options to save for personal health expenditures, and the cost of purchasing health insurance. The PATIENT Health Care Act also gives people with pre-existing conditions access to health care.

I also introduced H.R. 3299, the Security Before Access Act. This bill prohibits access to a consumer's personal information by an Obamacare Navigator unless the consumer has given his/her consent. It also ensures that Obamacare Navigators undergo background checks. Some states currently require background checks, but not all.
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