U.S. Representative

Dennis A. Ross

Proudly Serving Florida's 15th Congressional District


Jobs is Priority #1

As an owner of a small business for over 20 years, Dennis Ross knows that sustainable, private sector jobs make America the best place to work, live, and raise a family.  He also knows, first hand, what it takes to make a payroll, pay for health insurance, and sometimes go without because the money is not there. 

Creating jobs is not the business of government.  Creating an environment where private sector entrepreneurs employ America is the business of government. 

Creating jobs is not rocket science, but it does mean that government must go without, so that the American taxpayer can thrive.  The Ross formula for creating jobs includes:

  • Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution

  • Overall REAL reductions in spending. Not slowing growth rates, but REAL cuts

  • Mandating a 10% real reduction in discretionary spending based on 2010 discretionary spending levels - $140 billion per year savings

  • Allocating those 10% savings to debt reduction. That will reduce the mandatory $1.7 trillion in interest payments due through 2014 and free up more money for debt reduction

  • Allocating any interest savings due to debt reduction to further debt reduction 

  • Real entitlement reform that creates an ownership society and makes Social Security and Medicare financially stable

  • Automating federal department functions and offer employee rewards for cost savings

  • Reform Health Care with market driven reforms to reduce cost to small business and cover the uninsured

  • Giving businesses regulatory and tax certainty so they can start to forecast and hire again.  

  • Announce that Congress and the President will pass no tax increases and will implement real spending and debt reductions 

  • Implementing the “Fair” Tax, or

  • Implementing The Flat Tax – and abolishing the IRS

  • Eliminating the Death Tax – stop double taxation

  • Eliminating the Capital Gains Tax – encourage business to invest in job creating capital investments

  • Zero-based budgeting for all federal agencies – make federal departments justify spending each fiscal year

  • Eliminating redundant or outdated programs and encourage continuous investigation into outdated programs and wasteful spending

  • Mandate the sale of some of the over $1 trillion in unused federal lands and buildings

  • Denying State aid without protection from fraud. Require state governments to adopt anti-fraud and anti-theft policies before giving them more money

  • Putting all budget items, including Medicare and Social Security, “on-budget”

  • Allocating a percentage of the federal budget each year to debt reduction

  • Real reductions in the federal workforce – offer buyouts for early retirement or automation

  • Reducing corporate taxes below European rates

  • Ending all corporate/auto bailouts

  • Eliminating Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSE's) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

  • Requiring the federal budget to grow at a rate no greater than inflation 

  • Requiring 2/3 majorities for all tax increases


These are just a few ideas that are bipartisan, common sense, business principles to put this country back on track.  There are many great spending proposals and pro business legislation out there.  As I find them, I will post them below. 

Some Great Ideas to Cut Spending, Grow Jobs, and Get Government out of the Business of Business

Visit the Free Enterprise Nation for all sorts of good ideas

The Cato Institute's "Downsizing Government" is a wonderfully detailed agenda for cutting spending

The Heritage Foundation "Book of Charts" along with their research will show you, visually, the scope of the job killing nature of government

RealClearMarkets is a great site to read the latest news on financial markets and jobs

FreedomWorks is a great resource on taxes