U.S. Representative

Dennis A. Ross

Proudly Serving Florida's 15th Congressional District


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As the father of two sons who attended public school, I know first-hand the important role education plays in today's society.

Our country is in need of education reform, not just more money and more federal programs or regulations. What education needs is choice, competition, and an elimination of federal mandates.

States should be able to tailor their education systems to the needs of their students and should not have to check in with bureaucrats in Washington before they do what is best for their students.

As your Member of Congress, I have championed efforts to reduce federal involvement in our schools.

In December 2015, I supported and helped pass the Every Student Succeeds Act, which allows states to finally drop Common Core education standards. This legislation, ultimately signed into law, serves as the greatest step toward restoring state control over education policy in more than a decade.

I have also championed bipartisan efforts to promote and encourage civic education and participation in our elementary and secondary schools.

Regarding higher education, I have been a leader on issues that will help to make college more affordable for students. In fact, I have introduced legislation entitled the Student Loan Repayment Act, which will allow employers to receive tax credits for hiring employees with student loans and for setting up an employee-employer match program for student loan repayments.

My legislation will not only help students pay back their student loans, but also will provide tax incentives to employers who take part in the employee-employer repayment match program.

Overall, this legislation is designed to help students become employed and pay off their loans while employers are benefitted by hiring skilled and educated employees with a vested interest in long-term employment. Students are the foundation of our country’s future, and we must ensure they have the ability to afford a college education and compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

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