Ross, Dennis


Grown Up Budget

Washington, April 5, 2011 -

For months, as we fought for $30 billion, $60 billion, & $100 billion in cuts, Rep. Paul Ryan took on the task of attacking our massive and unsustainable debt burden, our out of control deficits, and the looming entitlement crisis.  His budget, which I am extremely supportive of, does all of that...and MORE.  Rep. Ryan, and his budget, gets our budget in balance in 4 years.  In addition, it tackles the massive Medicare and Medicaid debt, along with putting an end to the ultimate job killer - Obamacare.

Some things to consider when the media begins parroting talking points from the other side of the aisle...

·         Pres.  Budget takes our debt to 344% of GDP in 40 years

·         GOP Budget gets us to balance in 4 years


·         Pres. Budget includes job killing Obamacare

·         GOP budget does not


·         Pres. Budget continues Medicare and Medicaid on the path to consuming ALL of the budget in less than 10 years

·         GOP budget gives States flexibility and gives seniors choice.  It DOES NOT change anything for anyone 55 and older.  NOT ONE CHANGE. 


·         Pres. Budget promises $8.7 trillion in NEW spending over ten years

·         GOP budget CUTS $6.2 trillion in spending over ten years


·         Pres. Budget raises taxes on job creators and small businesses

·         GOP budget reduces taxes on everyone and expands the tax base


·         Pres. Budget has no structural changes to spending

·         GOP budget has statutory spending caps that trigger automatic cuts if spending goes above


·         Pres. Budget does nothing to address tax, regulatory, or government uncertainty

·         GOP budget sets tax rates, eliminates funding for regulatory monsters, and gives us responsible certainty