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Ross Hosts Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Candid Discussion with Almost 12,000 Floridians from 15th Congressional District

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WASHINGTON, September 20, 2013 | Katie Hughes | comments
U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-15) hosted a telephone town hall meeting last night. Almost 12,000 constituents from across Florida’s 15th Congressional District joined this candid discussion over the phone with the congressman.

If you have a question or comment for Rep. Ross or are interested in joining a future telephone town hall meeting, please email him at /contact/ or call his district office (863-644-8215).

“It is vital for me to constantly understand and have a pulse on the questions and concerns of central Floridians,” said Ross. “Telephone town halls are a great way for me to connect with constituents while I am in D.C. voting. I will continue to be advocate for central Floridians. We need to do the people’s work.”

Below are just a few of the many questions that the congressman was able to answer on the telephone town hall meeting:

Question from John in Brandon: “When [is Congress] going to make a decision to vote on anything?”
Answer from Rep. Ross: “We should never tell you that we shouldn’t fund Obamacare - and then never offer an alternative. We should have done tax reform. We should do immigration reform that addresses border security, a guest-worker program, E-Verify, and our visa system. We should do postal reform – our post office is hemorrhaging $25 million a day.

“One of the main things I can do to get my colleagues to look at these things is to file legislation that addresses these serious issues facing our country. You can look at my record of the bills I’ve introduced.

“I will continue to be an advocate for you. I didn’t come up here because I wanted a title. I have a great family back home. Let’s do the people’s work.”

Question from Devon in Lakeland: “I have served my country. I am unemployed and I can’t pay for my medication. It’s frustrating.”
Answer from Rep. Ross: “Thank you for your service. Please contact my office. We are here to be an advocate on your behalf with the VA, Social Security Administration - any agency. Ask for Taunia, ask for Dianne. We will do our best to short-circuit the delay with the VA so you get the benefits you’re due.”

Question from Mark in Brandon: “Why is there such a problem with selective enforcement of laws, like with the IRS and Obamacare?”
Answer from Rep. Ross: “I completely agree with your assessment. Laws cannot and should not be selectively enforced. In the situation of Obamacare, Congress needs to be subjected to the same laws as our constituents. We’ve taken an oath to faithfully execute all laws.”

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