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I Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal

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Washington, July 15, 2015 | comments

The deal reached by President Obama regarding Iran’s nuclear weapons program is another example of his lead-from-behind mentality when it comes to foreign policy. Iran is the largest state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism across the globe, and has openly declared its intention to destroy the State of Israel and kill Americans.

Under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, Congressional review of this deal is required before the President can waive or suspend sanctions previously imposed on Iran by Congress.

I oppose the deal announced by the President and will vote against it when it is considered by Congress.

This deal will allow Iran to exploit loopholes to develop a nuclear weapon, one that can even reach to U.S. The President should have walked away from negotiations months ago. Unfortunately, he is too concerned about building what he thinks will be a positive legacy rather than sound policy.

A nuclear-armed Iran is a threat to America, Israel and the entire world. I oppose this deal, and I urge my colleagues to join me in fighting to prevent its implementation.

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