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Ross Receives “True Blue” Award for Pro-Family Record

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Washington, March 7, 2017 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C., Mar. 7, 2017 – U.S. Rep. Dennis A. Ross (FL-15), Senior Deputy Majority Whip, released the following statement after receiving the Family Research Council (FRC) Action’s “True Blue” Award for his 100 percent pro-family voting record:

As Americans, we have a moral obligation to protect the rights of the unborn, who are the most helpless of victims. As a Christian, a father and a Member of the Pro-Life Congressional Caucus, I am deeply committed to preserving our nation's traditional family values and will always be a strong advocate for policies valuing and protecting the sanctity of life.

“We must also protect the religious liberties of all Americans and ensure parents are free to make decisions that they know are best for themselves and their families, including school choice. As the father of two sons, I know firsthand the important role education plays in today's society. School choice empowers families and students to learn and succeed. I am honored to receive this award. You have my word that I will continue to fight for families, the unborn and religious freedom.”

FRC Action released its annual Vote Scorecard for Members of Congress showing which Members demonstrated an unwavering commitment and consistent support of faith, family and freedom during the second session of the 114th Congress. Ross, along with 138 other representatives, scored a perfect 100 percent on this year's scorecard.

"We thank Representative Ross for consistently voting to uphold faith, family and freedom,” said FRC Action President Tony Perkins. “Rep. Ross voted to repeal key parts of Obamacare, protect unborn children and their mothers, end the forced partnership between taxpayers and Planned Parenthood, allow students to attend the school of their choice, and protect pro-life organizations and employers from being forced to hire individuals who disagree with pro-life principles.

"We can be encouraged by elected officials who are willing to be criticized as they stand for family values. Members like Rep. Ross deserve praise for their unwavering commitment to stand for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty.

"Family Research Council Action and the hundreds of thousands of families and churches we represent are proud to recognize these men and women for their faithful work. Our hope is that in the next Congress, he will be joined by many more like him.”

Votes in the U.S. House included:

  • Defunding Planned Parenthood and Repealing Key Elements of Obamacare
  • Authorizing School Choice in D.C.
  • Preventing Veterans Administration Doctors from Recommending Marijuana as Medicine
  • Eliminating Taxpayer Funding for Abortion in D.C.
  • Voting against Special Privileges Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Hiring
  • Preventing Federal Funds from Undermining Religious Freedom Protections
  • Voting against Taxpayer Funding of Abortion for Federal Employee Benefits
  • Voting against D.C. Autonomy to Fund Abortion and Recreational Marijuana
  • Protecting Pro-life Organizations and Employers' Freedom in Hiring
  • Prohibiting Women to be Required to Register for Selective Service
  • Preventing Government Discrimination Against Pro-life Entities


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