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Ross on Senate’s Failure to Repeal and Replace Obamacare: “I’m sick of the excuses.”

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Washington, July 19, 2017 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 19, 2017 – U.S. Rep. Dennis A. Ross (R-FL-15), Senior Deputy Majority Whip, made the following statement in response to the Senate’s failure to unite to repeal and replace Obamacare:

“The Senate has failed the American people and abandoned voters who were promised that they would repeal and replace the disastrous Obamacare. The House did its job. We honored our pledge and passed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare in early May. There is no need to sugar coat this: I’m very upset with the Senate.

“Senators have now wasted seven months doing nothing. We need Senators that want to help this President and keep their promises. The American people are sick of the excuses from Senators. I’m sick of the excuses. It’s amazing to me that Senators are arguing that circumstances have changed, since 51 of them voted for a full repeal just last year. The only thing that has changed is President Trump will sign it into law.

“We have been given the perfect opportunity to fulfill our promises to the American people, and the House has been upholding our end time-and-time again. My advice is that the Senate should stay in D.C. all of August, September, October and however long it takes to pass legislation that repeals and replaces Obamacare.

“If they don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, like they promised and were voted to do, they are going back on their word and have some serious explaining to do when they go back home and face those who sent them to Washington to protect and help them. They will be held accountable. When premiums and deductibles continue to skyrocket, when more and more insurers flee the exchange, when increased healthcare taxes and mandates shut down local businesses and leave Americans with nothing to keep their families afloat, the Senate will be taking the blame. Not the House, and not the President.  

“After four elections cycles and seven years of promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, it’s time for the Senate to act. Call your Senators and tell them to honor their promises and get this done—now.”



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