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Congressman Dennis Ross
15th District Update
Dear Neighbor,

As you know, House Republicans have experienced a change in our Leadership, causing us to refocus the future of our party. There is a clamor across our nation for strong, conservative leadership, and we need a fresh start to our governing body, not just fresh faces.


We need to restore the legislative process of Regular Order where all members are included, where legislative ideas are fully debated and considered well in advance of deadlines, and where the American public can witness government in deliberation, not  deadlock. Regular Order respects the will of the House and provides Members more opportunities for their districts and states.


I have faith House Republicans will emerge as a more unified conservative party. I have no doubt vision, inclusivity and leadership will prevail. I pray God continues to watch over and bless our great nation as Congress embarks on a more cohesive process that better represents the American people.






Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015


This week, I voted against the budget bill because it negates any real reforms to our ever increasing debt limit. Our outstanding debt totals a nauseating amount of more than $18 trillion, and this bill further lifts our national borrowing limit for another two years with no set limit in sight. This deal gives President Obama a credit card with no spending limit in his last and most dangerous year.  

This budget raids $150 million from the Social Security trust fund to pay for more spending, as well as adds $80 million to our deficit in three years. Under this deal, we would not begin to see any savings until 2020, and we know future congresses are not bound by current laws. 


This bill also makes detrimental cuts to the current crop insurance program, which will greatly harm Florida agriculture. Florida’s farming industry continues to be in peril, suffering from historically low production rates, drastic income declines, and natural disasters. The crop insurance program is the most valuable tool farmers have in their risk management plans. This budget is another nail in the coffin for our farming communities, at a time when we should be doing everything we can to protect the heart and soul of Florida agriculture.


Furthermore, and once again, this budget deal was reached behind closed doors without any regular order in process. This is unacceptable. We have ample time to fully vet and negotiate our budget bills, yet we continuously stall until a fiscal cliff is reached before taking any action. There is absolutely no excuse for this crisis-to-crisis governing. I simply could not in good conscience vote for this bill knowing the damage it will cause to our economy and farmers. I promise to continue fighting for regular order and conservative budgeting within Congress.




Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Act


I also voted against the reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank because the bank does not promote core conservative principles, such as fiscal responsibility and free enterprise. Instead, the Ex-Im Bank promotes corporate cronyism and corporate giveaways to foreign governments. I opposed reauthorizing the bank's charter in the past for this very reason.


The Ex-Im Bank forces taxpayers to bare the risk of loans to private firms and is plagued by corruption and mismanagement. Furthermore, Congress requires 20 percent of Ex-Im’s loans go to small businesses, but Ex-Im consistently failed to meet this statutory requirement. In reality, only 0.009 percent of America’s small businesses received any help at all from Ex-Im. American businesses are strong enough to compete on their own, without taxpayer-funded subsidized financing.


When elected into office, I promised the hard-working Americans in my district and across the country that I would fight to create jobs, support small business growth, and eliminate fraud and waste in our government and its programs. My vote against reauthorizing the Ex-Im Bank stands firm in those promises, and I will continue upholding conservative principles for the betterment of our great nation and its people.




National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)


It is extremely disappointing and unacceptable that our Commander-in-Chief vetoed the NDAA bill, which authorizes needed funding for our troops and provides the resources necessary for military operations.


Since it was first passed more than 50 years ago, the NDAA has been vetoed only four times. In each case, the president objected to an actual provision in the bill, and each time the Armed Services Committees were able to find a compromise that earned the president’s signature.


By vetoing this important authorization, the President has vetoed a pay raise for our troops and the creation of a thrift savings plan with matching contributions from the Department of Defense that would be available to 83 percent of service members not currently eligible for military retirement.


The president is blatantly sacrificing national security in order to advance his larger domestic political agenda. President Obama is putting his personal wants before the needs of our selfless men and women in uniform who sacrifice their lives every day to protect our nation. I will be urging my colleagues to join me in fighting to override this irresponsible veto.

As always, please continue to write, call, and email your opinions to my office. I could not effectively represent you without the advice of my constituents. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you in Congress.

Your Congressman,

Dennis A. Ross

This week, I hosted a telephone town hall meeting, where nearly 40,000 households in the 15th District of Florida were able to participate. I host telephone town halls regularly, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas.


I recently had the great pleasure of attending Lakeland YMCA's 50th anniversary event. YMCA's strong, faithful principles and values that help build healthy spirits, minds and bodies have a lasting impact on the people and communities it serves. May God continue to bless the Lakeland YMCA for another 50 years!


Congratulations to Moffitt Cancer Center for opening its new Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center in Tampa, Florida! I was honored to attend the grand opening ceremony, where I was deeply moved by the hard work and passion displayed by all those involved in the fight against cancer. Moffitt compassionately treats more than 300,000 cancer patients, and its patient survival rate surpasses national averages. This new outpatient facility will no doubt be instrumental in making great strides in treating and combating cancer. 

One of the most important things I do as a U.S. Representative is help with federal problems. If you need help with a federal agency, please contact my District Offices at (863) 644-8215 (Polk) or (813) 752-4709 (Hillsborough).

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